Thursday, May 05, 2011

To Nie Ptak

This is the most beautiful Polish ballad and love song I have ever heard. Get your favorite gal or guy that you like to dance with and be prepared for an absolutely beautiful song to dance to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Here are the Polish lyrics first then the English translation:

To Nie Ptak

W kolorowej sukience krz¹ta siê

Raz po raz odwraca g³owê

Uœmiech œle

Móg³byœ przysi¹c ¿e

Widzia³eœ wczoraj skrzyd³a jej

Jak je chowa³a pod sukienkê

Lecz ona


To nie ptak czy nie widzisz?

To nie jest ptak

Ona to nie ptak

To nie jest ptak czy nie widzisz?

Kocham ciebie mówi ka¿dy jej ma³y ruch

Lecz ty wœród kolorowych falban szukasz piór

Bo jesteœ pewien ¿e

Wczoraj widzia³eœ skrzyd³a cieñ

Dlatego klatkê zbudowa³eœ

Lecz ona


To nie ptak...

Tego dnia, gdy ciemnoϾ skradnie serce ci

Ona w oknie bêdzie œmiaæ siê lecz przez ³zy

Rozpuœci czarnoœæ w³osów i

Zmieniona w kruka skoczy by

Za chwilê oknem tym powróciæ tu

lecz jako


Rajski ptak bo tak chcia³eœ

Jako rajski ptak

Rajski ptak

Jako rajski ptak bo tak chcia³eœ!

English Translation:

It's not a bird

She's hustling in a colorful dress

From time to time turning her head

And smiles

You could swear

That you saw her wings yesterday

When she was trying to hide them

Under the dress

But she

She's not a bird

Can't you see

It's not a bird

She's not a bird

It's not a bird

Can't you see

With her every move she tells you she loves you

But you are looking for the feather in a colorful lace

Because you sure

You saw the shade of the wings

And that's why you built a cage

But she

This day

When the darkness will steal your heart

She will be in the window laughing through tears

With flowing hair

And turned into raven jump

Only to come back to here

But as Bird of paradise

Because you wanted this

As a bird of paradise

As a bird of paradise

Because you wanted this)