Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is the Motherhouse of my tribe -- St. Albertus Polish Roman Catholic Church.

Detroit'Soul: Detroit'Soul website launch



A city is as alive as any person. It is alive because of the people that inhabit and love it. Many of those people are ghosts of the past. In investigating the soul of Detroit I want to pay homage to those that came before me. When I travel the streets of Detroit I am constantly bumping into the ghosts of people of the past and their traditions, cultures, rituals and institutions. When I bump into them I always say, "Excuse me, what is it you would like to tell me?" Mostly, I record with my camera capturing the images and the essence of the people from the past that were the bearers of the light that is their truth from the torches that were their lives. I have accepted their message the best I can and I am recording it in my own unique way. I stand on the shoulders of those that went before looking for the next person to add their truth to and integrate it with the truth of those that have gone before me. Sometimes images aren’t enough or are inadequate and I have to record through words about events that have passed before my eyes into my mind and heart. This is what I am doing, now. It is definitely a process that will be ongoing for sometime. I hope to be able to observe and record the unique, yet simple ways people went about the business of their lives in my own unique and simple way. I hope you get something out of this because what I am doing is following my bliss.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Detroit'Soul website launch

PhotoBlog website launch on Tuesday 26 September 2006