Friday, February 02, 2007

DETROIT'SOUL has kinsmen in the Southwest...

The DETROIT’SOUL moves outside of the bounds of Detroit to the Southwest to a place along the Santa Fe Trail to a little crossroads called Pecos, New Mexico. This is where a Polish immigrant by the name of Martin Kozlowski arrived in 1846 and opened a stage stop along the Trail. Another bit of history was played out at Martin Koslowski’s stage stop during the American Civil War. The Battle of Glorieta Pass which took place a few miles west of Koslowski’s in March of 1862. Colonel John P. Slough the commander of Union Forces used Koslowski’s Ranch as the Union headquarters.

Looking through this gated window frame into the compound of Koslowski's stage stop along the Santa Fe Trail.

The front entrance where customers unloaded from the Stagecoaches on their way to thier to southwest towns and destinations.

Santa Fe Trail marker outside of the front door of Martin Koslowski's stage stop.

Historic Stagecoach Stop and Trading Post along the Santa Fe Trail.