Monday, October 06, 2014

2015 Calendar of the Oldest Polish Roman Catholic Churches of Metropolitan Detroit

The Cost Is $30 Postage Paid

Make Checks or Money 

Orders Payable To:

Thomas Sosnowski

67 W. Columbia Avenue

Pontiac, Michigan 48340

This is the cover for 

the 2015

Calendar of the 

36 Oldest Polish

Roman Catholic 

Church's MAIN

ALTARs of 

Metropolitan Detroit.

This is a little 

preview of the

beautiful photos 

and images of

the Venerable 


Some Observations 

I Have Made As I Have

 Toured Many Of The 

Polish Roman Catholic

 Churches Of 

Metropolitan Detroit 

per the Author

 Tom Sosnowski

 More Observations

More Detailed 

Observations, Information 


 Insights To these 

Beautiful Old 

Polish Roman

 Catholic Churches 

In Detroit

I Hope All Of You 

Enjoy Owning One 

Of These

 2015 Calendars 

As Much As I 

Enjoyed putting

 It Together 

For Each And 

Every One 

Of You!

Here is a Preview
Of What Your
2015 Calendar Will
Look Like 

This Will Give 
You Enjoyment 
For 2015 and
Many Years To Come!
Order Your 
Polish Roman Catholic
Churches Calendar for 2015
for the 
City of Detroit 


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